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LeCroy Kibra 480 Datenblatt

LeCroy Kibra 480
LeCroy Kibra 480 für DDR4
Kibra 480 Plattform besteht aus dem DDR3/DDR4 Analysator und zwei Slot 1 und Slot 2 Interposer Probes; two 18” interposer ribbon und power cables. LeCroy developed a custom ASIC for the Kibra 480 probe to support higher speed DDR modules. This proprietary probe implementation allows loss-less capture of DDR3 to 2133 MT/s; and DDR4 to 2400 MT/s. The probes are selfpowered to provide instant signal lock – including reliable capture of the DDR4 power-on sequence. Separate probes are available for DDR3 and DDR4 supporting both U-DIMM/R-DIMM as well as SO-DIMM form-factors. The probes operate non-intrusively and introduce less than 4 ps of latency to the DDR signal. Compatible with all standard 240-pin DDR4 SDRAM DIMM’s up to 2400 MT/s.

Technische Details

Protocols Supported: - DDR3 and DDR4
Recording Memory Size: - 4 GB
Probe Interface:
- DDR3, DDR4 UDIMM, RDIMM, SODIMM Slot Interposers
Front Panel LEDs:
-Power, Status, Trigger
Front Panel Connectors:
- Cable Interface to DIMM Slot 1 Interposer
- Cable Interface to DIMM Slot 2 Interposer
- External RefClk-IN SMA
- External Read / Write Trigger Output (SMA)
- Interposer Probe Power Connector
Rear Panel Connectors:
- CrossSync Connector
- USB 2.0 Connection to Host PC:
- Trigger IN SMA, Trigger OUT SMA
Data Rates Supported:
- DDR3 – 400 MHz - 1066 MHz DIMM clock speeds
- DDR4 – 800 MHz - 2400 MHz DIMM clock speeds