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Novinky v PSpice

V pravidelných časových odstupoch sú vydávané nové verzie programov PSpise, ktoré obsahujú vždy nejaké vylepšené, či nové funkcie. Užívatelia s platnou zmluvou o podpore (Maintenance) dostávajú tieto v rámci nej bezplatne. Tu je prehľad noviniek, ktoré pribudli pre jednotlivé verzie:

Verzia 16.6 [11/2012]

- Download PDF What's new in PSpice Version 16.6
- Advanced control options: Numerous advanced convergence and simulation control options/parameters have been added or exposed, giving users greater control over simulation and convergence. These options include: bias-point convergence, voltage limiting, worst-case deviations, max-time step control, pseudo transient, and relative tolerance.
- Probe .dat upgrade to 64-bit precision: PSpice now generates 64-bit data precision in the .dat file output. This ensures higher precision compared to the 32-bit .dat file data from previous releases. (As an example, in previous releases, when a very small amplitude voltage is superimposed on a large voltage, the resulting voltage lost its resolution in a 32-bit .dat file.)
- UNDO support for captured netlists: Netlisting to PSpice now preserves UNDO, making it easier to make iterations and modify parameters, components, and connectivity.
- Enhanced IBIS support: The IBIS to PSpice model now supports V-T curves for all IBIS models up to version 5.0
- Multi-core engine support: Enhancements to multi-core support and I/O read-write provide significant performance improvements. Focused performance enhancements, especially for large designs or designs with complex model instances (MOSFETS, BJT), also boost performance.
- Encryption enhancements: Upgraded model encryption now includes 256-bit (AES) encryption support.
- Tcl-based customization: Advanced Analysis, simulation, and .dat file access can be accessed and extended with user-definable actions and capabilities. This enables an environment that can be enhanced to specific flows and needs, and allows users to leverage enhanced features and design capabilities.

Verzia 16.5 [06/2011]

- Download PDF What's new in PSpice Version 16.5
- PSpice Testbench in OrCAD Capture
- Ladungspumpe (Charge Pump)
- PWM controller
- Voltage Mode Control
- Optokoppler
- Batterie
- Solid State Relay
- Supervisory IC
- More Vendor Models (Operationsverstärker)
- SimuLink PSpice Multi-Block Co-Simulation

Verzia 16.3 [11/2009]

- Download PDF What's new in PSpice Version 16.3
- Ease of Use in PSpice probe
- Probe look and feel enhancements
- Probe Customization
- Directly open probe.dat-file
- Enhanced cursor support
- Design templates
- New PWM models and vendor libraries
- Low Pass Filter (Capacitive and Inductive LPF)
- High Pass Filter (Capacitive and Inductive HPF)
- Band Pass Filter (Capacitive and Inductive BPF)
- Band Stop Filter
- Resonant Filter (Parallel LC BPF Parallel LC BSF Series LC BPF Series LC BSF)
BJT Amplifiers (bipolar junction transistor)
- Common Emitter (CE) BJT Amplifiers
- Common Collector (CC) BJT Amplifiers
- Common Base (CB) BJT Amplifiers
Basic Electronics Circuits
- Op-Amp based differentiator and integrator
Clipper circuits
- Negative peak clipper
- Symmetrical clipper
Clamper circuits
- Positive peak clamper
- Negative peak clamper
Zener diode circuits
- Voltage regulator
- Voltage clipper
Voltage Multipliers
- Half wave voltage doubler
- Full wave voltage doubler
DC-DC Converters
- Buck
- Boost
- Buck-Boost
- Flyback
- Single switch forward converter
- Double switch forward converter
Design Templates Digital Circuits
- Counters
- Shift Register
- Synchronous PWM buck controllers
- High Speed PWM controller
- Full bridge PWMcontrollers
Analog Devices:
- 213 models for low quiescent current, CMOS linear regulators
Taiwan Semiconductor
- 74 Models of zener voltage regulators
- 37 models of glass passivated zener diodes

Verzia 16.2 [06/2008]

- GUI-Update for new Allegro Style
- Usability
- BSIM4 Transistor Model
- Temperature Support in B-devices
- Checkpoint Restart enabled for Mixed Signal Designs
- Smoke enhancements to support new devices
- New model libraries
- State Average Models
- DEHDL/AMS improvements
- ABM for Digital Primitive
- LOGIC Gate OptoCouplers
- Precision Voltage Reference
- Surface Mount Zener Voltage Regulator
- Low Dropout Adjustable Regulator LM2941
- Gate Turn Off Thyristor (GTO)
- Precision Isolation Amplifier
- Dual High Side MOSFET Driver
- 8-bit Shift Register CD4094BC
- ARINC-429 drivers
- Microsemi Bidirectional suppressor
- On-Semi Microprocessor supervisor circuit
- Surface Mount Power Inductor
- Power MosFET
- Power MosFET
- High precision rail to rail operational amplifier
PWM Models:
- Step-Up/Down/Inverting Switching Regulators
- High performance fixed frequency power switching regulators
- Synchronous Voltage-Mode PWM Controller

Verzia 16.0 [08/2007]

- Improved Convergence
- Auto convergence
- Improved calculating speed (power electronics)
- Simulation restart after time step
- 410 new models (LEDs & Power electronics)

Verzia 15.7 [07/2006]

- Model Encryption (IP protection)
- Improved Documentation Interface
- New WindowsXP Look and Feel
- New Libraries
- 2000 new vendor models to 46.000
- (IRF, Vishay Siliconix, Coilcraft)

Verzia 10.5 Service Pack1 [03/2006]

- Enhancement Magnetic Parts Editor
- New Libraries
- 700 new vendor models to 44.000

Verzia 10.5 [12/2005]

- Advanced Behavioural Modeling (floor, break, ceil,…)
- Assertions (warning, error)
- European Notation (e.g. 2.2k -> 2k2)
- Model Import Wizard
- Magnetic Parts Editor
- New Libraries
- 1500 new vendor models to 43.300
- Spice_elem, function
- New Models
- Mextram 504
- Enhanced BSIM
- Battery model

Verzia 10.3 [09/2005]

- MonteCarlo History Support
- Importing waveforms in Probe (*.txt, *.csv,..)
- SLPS / Simulink-PSpice-CoSimulation
- New Models
- TOM3
- Enhanced BSIM
- Battery models
- 100 New vendor models to 41.800